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Where to Buy the Perfect Lab Created Diamond Jewelry:

Top 3 Places to Visit in California

You want to be environmentally conscious and you are interested in buying lab created diamond jewelry? Read and discover where to buy the perfect lab created rings, necklace or earrings in California!
Do lab made diamonds pass the diamond tester?
Lab created diamonds, man-made diamonds or synthetic diamonds are created through a specific process in a laboratory under specific conditions as opposed to being naturally formed in the Earth.
Even though a lot of people think of fake diamonds when they hear the word lab-created or synthetic, these diamonds are identical to natural ones, especially in terms of chemical structure.
The lab-created diamonds are no different from natural ones in terms of physical properties or appearance, meaning, you couldn’t every distinguish a synthetic diamond from a natural one.
If you want to be environmentally conscious and you are interested in buying lab created jewelry, you have come to the right place.
Here are the top 3 places where you can buy perfect lab created diamond jewelry:

1. Brilliant Earth

If you want to discover one of the most extensive collections of lab created diamonds on the market, visit https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Brilliant-Earth-EI_IE651942.11,26.htm?countryRedirect=true
as soon as you can. Their lab diamonds are made from tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. The modern technology – a special deposition process or an extreme heat imitates the natural method of forming a diamond. The lab grown colored diamonds are created when specific trace elements are present during the development phase of the diamond, which is similar to what happens in nature. The lab diamonds can only be determined as man-made and distinguished from natural ones by using an advanced equipment that can detect the differences in crystal growth and trace elements. The lab grown diamonds, Brilliant Earth offers are available in various shapes and colors. The cultured diamonds are available in fancy colors (colors that are considered rare in nature). The fancy colored man made diamonds are sold at reasonable prices.
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2. French Jewelry

This brand was built on high standards and principles of trust, honesty, and integrity. They are really proud to say that they are a great example of how a reliable and a reputable jewelry company can meet clients needs and styles. All of their clients enjoy great prices on high-quality diamond jewelry California has to offer. They also provide their clients with the best advice and higher possible customer service. One of their specialty, besides selling lab-created diamonds, of course, is custom engagement rings. They make the experience of designing your own ring and buying the ring as one of the most enjoyable and pleasant experiences you have ever had.

3. Ada Diamonds

Here you can find lab-created, conflict free, and diamond engagement rings, and much much more. This brand is a leading company of high-end bridal jewelry, lab-grown diamonds, and fine jewelry. They can offer you man made diamonds in different colors including fancy colors such as gray, pink, blue, and yellow. They specialize in eternity bands, engagement rings, men’s wedding bands, diamond pendants, hoops, fashion jewelry, and custom grown diamonds.
Is a lab created diamond a cubic zirconia?
There are numerous benefits of using lab diamonds – they are eco friendly (they are grown with minimal environmental impact), they promote beauty and quality (they have the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds), and they promote value (the man made diamonds offer excellent value and are more affordable than mined diamonds).
When buying diamond jewelry, you need to give yourself a time! You now know the best places to buy perfect lab created rings, necklaces, and earrings, and it is up to you now to find something you love.




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