How to Buy an Engagement Ring

How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task especially if you do not have handy tips on how to buy one. While questions such as the type of the ring, cost and its color are among the things obvious to observe, today there is more than just these, that goes into buying your favorite engagement ring. A typical wedding would cost one up to an average of $35,329 including the engagement ring but excluding honeymoon cost, as of 2016. Having handy tips on buying a ring would help you save cost on your overall wedding. Here are handy tips on how to get one for your better half.

  1. Desist from following trends

What people don’t know is that a ring should serve as a timeless symbol of love. Therefore, you need to pick the stone that perfectly matches the above goal for your fiancée. First take a look at what they are wearing on their fingers to at least have a clue on what would suit their style. Know what they like. Is it gold, or maybe platinum? Do they like a ring with some statement or minimal piece? Their current style will enable you to select a piece of jewelry that will suit their everyday lives.

  1. Avoid going it alone

Engagement ring shops like the mighty Brilliant Earth can at times be daunting as it has all manner of priceless rings that are sure to spoil you for choice. To ensure that you are not overwhelmed, it is advisable to get by the shop with help from your friends, especially those that have gotten theirs from the shop, and knows your fiancée’s taste. There is a high chance that your fiancée may have expressed their taste of rings to one of these friends. And while getting your loved one a ring should come as a surprise to them, make sure your fiancée doesn’t have a clue about your intention to surprise them with this valuable jewelry.

  1. Review the engagement ring shops

First know where you will get the ring. Avoid malls as these mass stores are not likely to offer you best deals since most are in to maximize profits. Also avoid stores that have overrated TV or radio adverts as these spend a lot on marketing and are sure to pass on the cost to you the consumer. Find one like Brilliant Earth that mostly relies on online marketing techniques, referrals and word of marketing as they are sure to save you huge chunks of money.


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